A note about the original logo

Many of you have been around this site from the very beginning, and you may remember the very first logo Dawn created for the site...

This logo adorned Dawn's site from November 25, 1997, to April 1, 1998. The reason Dawn got rid of it?

Well, as she put it...

"It seemed funny and cute at first, but after a while I became rather uncomfortable with it, as did other Paul fans who wrote me. I wondered what Paul would think if he saw it, and made the decision to change the logo. A contest was held to design new logos and then the new logos were voted on, resulting in the one now on the main page.

Some comments from Paul fans regarding the old logo:

"I don't mean to be rude, but I think that having Paul in a bag is a little worrisome of an image. . . It's great to be a fan, but it helps to be responsible in portraying a good image of your fan-love. Putting a man in a bag... well, that kind of harbors a couple of images with it like kidnapping and murder."

And... I guess that about sums it up. How do you all like the new look? :)

Thanks to everyone for logos, support, etc... Paul fans are great people!"


Personally, I can't help but laugh when I see that logo.... all I can imagine is that it was one of those things that sounded funny to Dawn in her head, and then tooootally didn't come out that way once it was on the web. :)


Banner photos: right © J. Barry Mittan, left © Tracy Marks